jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015




Good evening, fellow Toastmasters. At the time I am writing this, two major developments seem to be shaking the foundations of the prevailing capitalism in Europe. Syriza, a radical left party, has just overwhelmingly won the Greek elections with an anti-austerity stance which seems to discourage markets and some important worldwide financial organizations from keeping the “public European debt-sick” countries (most of them Southern countries) under the control of their “medicine”. At the top of it, we have the recently founded party Podemos (meaning we can) in Spain whose origins are from a massive silent protestation which took place a couple of years ago. They are attracting votes from more and more people who are simply sickened from falling down the bottom-less hole of  an imposed austerity to the point that they managed to organise an enormous demonstration in which there were today more than 100.000 people screaming out their claims against the current governors. They were all asking for “The Change”. All these people (both from Greece and Spain) are fostering hopes about a potential radical modification of the world order in place. We never know if that will be true in a near future. Time will tell. But now the question is: can a single political party or single person change the world or break up a revolution? Some examples throughout history show that this is not possible like the one concerning Obama and the White House. But why?

We are always in quest of changes. We are always showing a quenching thirst for real freedom and happiness, far from a system we are always complaining about and sometimes we believe in a human God who would supposedly save our lost souls from the chaos in a very naïve way. Is that possible? Is it possible to make a dramatic change in our lives and systems without changing ourselves? What is a universe without its stars? What is a wood without all its natural life, trees and so on? What is a whole book without its pages? What is a system without its parts? What is a joyful country if no one is able to show some happiness to the others around him/her? What is country with fair laws and stances if every one seems to follow the “easy way of corruption” because “it has been like this till now”. I am not saying that the parties above would fail in their purposes right now, but I would like just to ask you, have you tried to change yourself?

We cannot forget that we are all part of the universe as a whole and every action we take will have an influence (negative or positive) on the rest of the elements. We have to be all involved in the potential changes we want to make come true in a near future. We cannot just put all our trust in a radical change in a voting ballot every four or five years and say to ourselves: ok, let's see the outcome, without taking action on our own, because as Albert Einstein said: “if you are looking for different results, do not do the same”.

We are talking about reaching purposes in our lives, especially now that we are starting a new year, full of promises and hopes. Why not starting our inner revolution in order to reach the change we are looking for? Now it is the time we are. Now it is the time to be. Do not wait for others to take action. Just go and start the bitter-sweet battle of your inner discovery. Maybe, you would find a small change in your life, a little part of the big change most of us are hoping about right now.

Do not wait for a political party or a single person to save you from an emotional and living misery. Discover yourself, and you will be the first one to see a change: your own change, and maybe some of the ones who are with you will also change. Who knows. As Mahatma Gandhi said once: “the smaller changes would lead us to greater revolutions”.

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