jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013



I am now waking up from a very exhausting day and he is still here. Sleeping on his bed. I should just walk the distance between reality and memories. I am little bit far from home, but 3000 kilometers is not a so long distance to be covered. It does mean anything while thinking about him.

We are still so young. Just five or six years old. My parents are always taking care of us. In the meanwhile, we are both discovering with them how marvelous happiness would be while learning together how to ride a bicycle, wear our clothes or wait for the Three Wise Man and their camels to leave magically some toys on our couch. Our matresses are also wonderful. We may talk to them about our concerns and fears and they never say no. They are always available. We are both growing up at the same speed and I feel myself sometimes as if my brother was my own reflect on a mirror. Days, weeks and years are flying at home. Time goes by so fastly, but we do not care.

My brother have just asked me: where do you think we will live when we will get older? I am just having a few words coming to my mind at that time while almost having some tears rolling on my cheeks. We are already more than fifteen and we start to wonder ourselves what future will give us. I have no idea. But this is for sure: I am not gonna be far from you. Never far from you. I want you just to keep this promise in the years ahead: do not forget about me when we will not be so close to each other as we are now. Never forget about our souls.

I will never do it- I say. You are always be part of my life. My heart will be always with you. Do not worry about it my dear brother.

And he is still here while I am thinking about how busy is gonna be today at work. My memories are also waking up from a lethargy while having a careful look at a photo we are both smiling at each other in. This smile is melting my heart now as the snow is melted when summer starts to give its first rays of sun to the city. It is sunny and I want to survey it from my window. He is still here and I am looking into his eyes while crossing his soulful and gleeful heartbeats. I am not far from him. He has just got a girlfriend and he is smiling in the way we smiled at each other a few years ago. I am building a bridge to our memories and he may not know about it.

I am 3000 kilometers from home, and I am giving him a wonderful hug of happiness.

He may have no idea about it, but he is still here, on the other bed of the room.

My twin brother. He is still here.

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