jueves, 21 de enero de 2016



When feeling a gasping thirst
for purpose and lively goals,
let your ideas flow smoothly
into the immense ocean of consciousness,
and you will reach the most important one:
becoming the real you.

When you’re hungry for knowledge,
passion, love or tenderness,
look further than a good book.
 Let your emotions be your guide
when reading between the lines
of your choices and fears,
and you will never be wrong.

When feeling a need to expand your horizons,
let just your eyes drift to the wider picture,
and your ideas and plans
will turn into a huge wave of joy,
whether or not they succeed.

And when feeling confused or lost for words,
let your thoughts talk far from the madding crowd, 
and your silence will become a wonderful voice. 
Let your utopia burn like a bright flame of desire
 from the bottom of your heart, 
and your dreams will come true sooner or later.
 Just never give up 
when trying to forever be 
the genuine mirror of yourself in the meantime.

Let yourself be the best version of you.

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