martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011



Languages are what I love.
Wörten, kalimat, mots, palavras, lexi

Languages are emotions.
Feelings, murmurs.
Tenderness when a man
loves her woman
while gazing at the ocean
in her eyes.

Thunders of inspiration
who happen beyond the rain.

Sadness, melancholy.
A tree whose leaves are falling
onto the floor.

And words brink into silence.
But spring last forever
in the lover's eyes.

Languages are more
than syllabes.

A poem, words that blow
in my ear like a sluggish breeze
whispering a cry of seasons
all along a huge wood.

Time to be spent flying
above a dictionary of seas.

A child's dream of being adult.
An adult's dream
to return to innocence.

A street of thoughts
whose last corner
nobody knows about.

A letter to life.
One more world to be walked.
One more path to be discovered.
One more library of memories
to be opened.
A culture of sounds.

What I love the most.
Wörten, kalimat, mots, palavras, lexi

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